Free Hot Nutritional Meals Prepared Daily for our Little Cubz

Little Cub’z Learning Center offers free nutritional meals cooked fresh daily. We provide
breakfast, one morning snack, a hot lunch, and one afternoon snack to all of our full-time
children. Our centers believe in keeping our children healthy. Parents are welcome to
provide their own nutritional meals if they choose not to eat our center meals.


Our centers are one of the safest and secure preschools in the area. LCLA main priority is your child’s safety. We spare no cost when it comes to making sure we have everything in place to ensure your child is SAFE! LCLC entrance is equipped with magnetic key pad locks. Parents must physically be buzzed into the facilities reception area where they are greeted by our front office staff. Parents then are required to sign in and out using our Pro Care Software System. This system requires parents to input a security code specific to their family. Once the check in system has been completed, parents are released to the classroom areas. Once parents have entered the classrooms, each room has alarms on the doors which activate every time a door opens. 
Security cameras are located inside and outside of our facility.


Our Values ​

We believe in the inherent value of each and every young child. Each child is unique 
and thrives when treated with dignity and respect. Children must be loved and nurtured
by the adults who have been entrusted with their care.

We believe that it is important to help every child:

·       Develop a healthy self-concept.
·       Learn to socialize with peers and to trust adults.
·       Recognize emotions and express them in an acceptable manner.
·       Develop a degree of independence and responsibility for self.
·       Learn what his or her body can do and take pride in increasing skills.
·       Enjoy being creative and learn to express thoughts and feelings in a creative way.

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